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The Cardiac Electro-Mechanics Research Group Application (CemrgApp) is a platform with custom image processing and computer vision toolkits for applying statistical, machine learning, and simulation approaches to cardiovascular data. CemrgApp provides an integrated environment, where cardiac data visualisation and workflow prototyping are presented through a common user friendly graphical interface.

Explore in this website our Resources page with links to videos and examples.

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Stable Release (v2.2)

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Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) Download ZIP
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CemrgApp has different perspectives, small apps with a specific purpose. Check the Resources page to learn more. Currently, the available perspectives are:

  • Motion Quantification
  • Anatomical Measurements
  • Scar Quantification
  • Morphological Measurements
  • Electrophysiology Simulations

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If you use CemrgApp in your project, please cite the following project:

Razeghi O, SolĂ­s-Lemus J, Lee A et al.
CemrgApp: An interactive medical imaging application with image processing, computer vision, and machine learning toolkits for cardiovascular research.
SoftwareX. 2020;12:100570. doi:10.1016/j.softx.2020.100570